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I have one particular Oracle Schema I'd like to reset the password to lock out users, callled, "XSHA". I have the current password, how can I reset that password? Thank you
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if you want to unlock the user, then first

alter user xsha account unlock;

and then to reset the password

alter user xsha identified by password_value;  

All the necessary information is in the docs..
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From sqlplus, logon as XSHA and enter passw. You will be prompted for old password, new password, and retype new password.

If you want to lock out users you dont have to change the password; just lock using ;

alter user XSHA account lock;

then when finished your job you can unlock again by issuing command

alter user XSHA account unlock;

user may go on working with their existing password.
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>>lock out users

If this means you do not want other users to be able to access tables in that schema, the lock commands above will not do this.

Other schemas might have been granted privileges on the objects.  Even if you lock the account and change the password, they can still access whatever they have been granted access on.

You will ned to revoke all access to completely keep people out.


I didn't realize it was that easy to change that password. I did't have SQL plus installed, I did it from SQL developer. Thanks!

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