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How to ping through a different NIC - Windows 7.


I need to figure out why a client cannot connect to his wireless network.  I reinstalled XP on his laptop, installed all the drivers, upon testing the wireless connection and was able to connect to my wireless network (WPA2) just fine.

When the client gets his laptop back home, he could not connect to his wireless network.  At first, when trying to connect - (he was able to locate his SID in the available networks and connect using his key) it was stuck at "Acquiring network address".  It did not get an address after 10 mins.

So I manually add an IP/DNS/Gateway address (which I got from his main PC, which is connected via a wire to the router) to the wireless adapter.  It then says "connected" - but it still is not connected.  I cannot ping, or access any internet page; even though it says connect with excellent signal.

So, I need to connect remotely to do some testing.   So I need to know how to ping, for testing purposes, using the wireless adapter, when the laptop is connected via a wire.  Obviously I cannot disconnect the wired connection to test the wireless, that would disconnect my session.  

So, how do you ping using a specific adapter;

ping -i <Adapter IP>


ping -i <adapter name>

Or do I have to put one adapter above the other (giving it a low metric) in the advanced settings.  Or add a route print command setting the gateway and metric of the wireless adapter.

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Thanks!  That worked great.

BTW, any idea as to why I cannot get a working wireless connection, even though the manual IP address has been added correctly.  The laptop drivers are fine, it was connected to with WPA2 (which is what the client has) on my network.

But, for some reason data is not being transferred, even though its connected.  

Are you able to even ping the wireless networks's gateway?
Well, according to the client - his sons XBox is connected wireless from upstairs fine.  The clients laptop, before the re-installation was connected to the wireless router fine.  The router has DHCP enabled, because its giving out the address to the wired connection.  I have to login remotely to the router to make sure there are no MAC restrictions - even though there has been no wireless adapter change on the laptop.   I can ping the gateway when its connected wired.  

I will be logging in tomorrow, I can check/ping the wireless gateway - but the connection does say its connected and its received an IP address, which I setup manually.  So it does have communication with the router.
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