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Using information available via a Google search I have put together an Outlook macro to send an email to a list of recipients when a Calendar reminder fires.  The code below works perfectly as long as I don't try to include any attachments that may be present in the Appointment body/details section.  I want the reminder email that this macro generates to also include attachments if they are present in the appointment item.  Can anyone tell me what code I need to add to make this happen?  I have worked/experimented on this issue for many days with no success.  I have finally decided to ask the experts.  (Note that the source object is an AppointmentItem).   Thanks!

Private Sub Application_Reminder(ByVal EventItem As Object)
Dim MailMsg As MailItem
Set MailMsg = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
If EventItem.MessageClass = "IPM.Appointment" Then
  Call SendApptMail(MailMsg, EventItem)
End If
Set MailMsg = Nothing
End Sub
Sub SendApptMail(Mail_Item As Object, Appt_Item As Object)
Mail_Item.To = Appt_Item.Location
Mail_Item.Subject = Appt_Item.Subject
Mail_Item.Attachments = Appt_Item.Attachments   'this line throws an error - Help!
Mail_Item.HTMLBody = Appt_Item.Body  'other html formatting omitted for brevity
End Sub

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Have you tried to add each attachment individually rather than as a collection?? something like:
for each oAttachment in Appt_Items.Attachments
     Mail_Item.Attachments.add oAttachment

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Hope this helps

I tried the .add method and it stops with a run-time error.  I have found that the only way to do this is to save the AppointmentItem attachment to disk and then read it back into the MailItem object.  Very ugly but it works.  I also added a statement to delete the file from disk for cleanup purposes.

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