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I’m new here and new to VMWare cloud servers, I have nine server 2008r2 servers. I needed to have one as a domain controller, which I bricked, so I promoted another while I waited to get that one reloaded. I joined the remaining 7 servers to that one and set up my user accounts. My users are in doing their thing and now I have completed the reload of the bricked one. I then moved all of the services from the temporary controller over to the rebuild, tested, all seemed good. After promoting to primary and more testing all still seemed good. I demoted the temp as it is a production server. When I tried to rejoin it to the domain, it reports that it cannot find the domain. DNS seems the culprit, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Any suggestions of how I can resolve my dilemma?
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It sounds like you need to re-create (or update) the DNS SRV records. If your active directory computers can write to the DNS server, you can simply run the following command from the primary domain controller:

netdiag /fix

If you are unable to send updates to the DNS server, you'll have to open the following file and add the entries manually to DNS:

Drop your virtual NIC and create another one. Reconfigure your IP information and try again.
I had the same issue in my Hyper-V environment last week. I recreated the virtual switch and dropped all the virtual NICs in my VMs and things worked again. I have no explanation as to what caused my issue.


It was a corrupted record in DNS, thanks for all of your suggestions.

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