is there a way to get computer AGE, brand and model from windows?

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without rebooting the server?
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Try the set command.
Try running msinfo.exe (or msinfo32.exe if the server is 64-bit) and look in the "System Summary" section. This will tell you the Manufacturer and Model.

If it's a Dell server, you can install OpenManage on it to get all the Dell specific information from it. Then you can plug in the service tag to Dell's support site to determine when it was built and what warranty (if any) it has left.
run msinfo32.exe

It will give you general system information, but not the age of the system.
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You could use from command prompt the following.
wmic bios get /format:list 

Open in new window

That will give you all the bios info that your server has.
Hope it helps
Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect

I like WMIC too.
Instead of running it locally on each server, you can use the /node:<serverName> switch

wmic /node:myServer bios get /format:list  

Send the information to a .txt file by adding a pipe command ">filename.txt"
wmic /node:myServer bios get /format:list  >myServer.txt
frankbustosSystems Administrator


great thanks!

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