2008 R2 Terminal Server does not always reconnect a disconnected session.

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My company supports a few clients.  We have noticed over time on Windows 2008 R2, that clients will not always get reconnected to their disconnected sessions.  This is very random but can cause some issues with our clients software.  There are no errors or anything. If a user clicks the "X" to close out of TS or their network causes a disconnected, when they go to log back into the TS it sometimes does not reconnect their session to their old one.  I am wondering what can cause this.  This seem to happen even when logging in from the same PC. Any help would be appreciated.
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You need to implement a Session Broker in your environment so users get connected to their disconnected session.
I personally think that we have a misconfigured server rather than think of implementing a RD Session Broker is overkill, esp for one RD host.

Have you configured your RDS to allow clients to have multiple sessions or end sessions?

Start -> Administrative Tools -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.

- Restrict each user to a single session: No? Should be yes

RIGHT CLICK on RDP-Tcp under connections -> Sessions Tab

- Have you overridden and selected to end a disconnected after say 1 or 5 minutes?
- Have tyou overridden and selected to 'disconnect from sessio' or 'end session'?

If any of them are selected and you don't have similar set via GPO, this is your issue.


Thanks for your help. I will check these settings, and test them. Then post the results as soon as I know it is working well.

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