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Help Setting Up Accounts Payable Email Address

Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2010

I have been asked to change the way our ap email account works. Right now the two ap clerks have Full Access and Send As permission from their regular user email accounts.

They want a couple things:

1.They want the user to be able to "send as" ap but they want the message to originate        from ap and show up in that "sent" folder
2.They want to remove the ability for them to delete anything in the ap email account.

Right now when they send from ap it shows in the user "sent" folder and its on litigation hold. Is there any way to accomplish the things I'm asking?

Thanks Your Help is Always Greatly Appreciated

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8/22/2022 - Mon

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This may make me sound new but what about just adding ap as a second email account on the users outlook?

If you mean to have them open AP as an additional mailbox in the email profile with their own as the first, the mail they generate will still go into their own Sent Items folder. They could open Outlook with a second profile with AP as the first mailbox, but then to access their own mail, they would need to add their own as a second in that profile - and mail they sent from their own mailbox would end up in AP Sent Items. They'd have to flip back and forth between profiles for it to really work, since you can't have multiple Outlook profiles open. That's annoying.

Yeah I like the firs suggestion, I'll take a look at that this afternoon and get back tomorrow.
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To add on to that, you can also set up a retention policy and tag that removes the mail from ap@domain.tld from user mailbox Sent Items folder after some short number of days. That way, you'll only have those in the Sent Items in the AP mailbox - if that's the condition you're after.

The rules seem to be working perfect, I cant seem to get the permissions right though. Can I still stop them from deleting when they have full access permission?

Hmm yeah, now that I'm looking at it, the subfolder permissions are all allow, none of them are for deny, so the full access probably just adds on to that and gives them delete permissions on top of what's applied at the folder.

You might need to remove full access in the EMC, and only use folder permissions in Outlook. They might not be able to open the entire mailbox in their own Outlook profile anymore, but they should be able to open a folder in that mailbox, like Inbox, and if all the rest are subfolders of Inbox, they should be able to work from there.
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Yeah I see that looks like its going to work. They already have a ton of folders so it'll take a few.

Will they be able to create and use new subfolders as well as move mail from inbox to those folders?

I see in OL2010 that the "Delete" section of radio buttons in per folder permission is separate from the checkboxes for creating items and creating subfolders - so yes.

However, when a new subfolder is created, all those permissions for everyone are going to have to be applied, and their Owner permission to it will need to be reduced. Permissions in Exchange mailbox folders don't inherit the way NTFS permissions in the file system do.