Exchange Administrative Groups - To Delete or To Not Delete? That is the question.

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In the process of getting rid of older technology and moving towards the mainstream. In the process I need to rid myself of Exchange 2003. I removed ActiveSync from two servers and followed suit by removing the main 2003 Exchange server.

Before I get too ahead of myself we have already deployed an Exchange 2010 CAS and HUB, etc. server so email is flowing.

My question is right now I have two Administrative Groups, one belonging to the new 2010 platform and the other to the older 2003. After removing all servers of the latter group do I have to retain it for any reason or is it safe to say goodbye? All mailboxes and distribution groups have been moved and Public Folders moved as well although Public Folders are no longer really used.

Will the older Admin Group cause me headaches after we part? Hope not! We've been together a few years and alas it is time to part ways. Let me know if I'm missing anything.
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I would run through the old admin group to make sure you do not have a lost kitten using a member of that group that was transitioned to the new groups.

Once you have confirmed... there is no need to keep the old groups.


No kittie cats running rampant. Looks like I did a good job of rounding them all up. The group is now deleted. All is well in Wonderland. Now to find that damn White Rabbit.

Thanks! ;)

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