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I have  users need to give them permission to use a mailbox. every one will have their sub folder. under this mail box so 2 ppl will need to manage the full received e-mails on main inbox and drag and drop it into every one folder. the rest need to have read permission on there folders only. and no access to the inbox.
what kind of permission can be done at mail box level the same what kind of permission will be needed on exchange server as well.

thank you
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This is for Exchange 2010, but it should be the same in 2007: On the server side, you'll be able to allow full access or not.

In order to set granular permissions on mailbox folders, you'll need to log on as the account that owns the mailbox, and set those permissions per folder in Outlook.
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its a painful process I think. in exchange 2007 console, grant full mailbox access to 2 users who want to have full access and then read access to other users.

with regards to sorting emails out, I'd be tempted to use some kind of rules to automatically move particular emails to sub folders, which will save you time.

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