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I am just wondering if there is a way to export/import "templates" in sharepoint 2007?
basically one of our client who runs MOSS 2007 wants us to create few webpages (with image, text and video content) and then deploy it on their systems. We dont have access to their system. Can i create "templates" for these pages and then export and then import on their end?

What is required for me to do this?

Please help

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If it was content, you could save site as template and include content.  Then you could add it as a template in their server and provision a site based on it and it would have all of the content.  Based on the types of content you mention though, you might not get everything retained.  There are really two other more 'real' options you might consider:

1) Make a site collection based on the default team site or blank site template.  Populate it using the UI or SharePoint Designer.  Back up that site collection and restore it on their server into as many different unique URLs as you please.

2) Make your own site defintion which includes the customizations and stock content that you need to have.  Then deploy that site defintiion on their server.   This is a much more complicated option and it has upgrade/support implications, which makes it less desirable unless you actually want that sort of thing :)

Info on how to do both of these things are on technet, I can give links if you need.

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