How many includes is too many? Will it slow down the page significantly?

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Just curious if 5 includes or do would slow down a page.

Thanks in advance.
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Don't talk to me.
Just curious if 5 includes or so would slow down a page.

It shouldn't but it really depends on what the includes are.  Five HTML code snippets (menus, etc) are much easier to handle than five massive javascript calls.
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Jason is correct.  The include file at run time just turns into whatever html/css/javscript etc as if it is on the page.  The reason for using includes instead of placing the code on your page is to make it easy to share any code that is used in multiple places .    As example, if you have navigation, it is much easier to  place that html/asp code in one include file.  Then place the include code on each page where you want the menu to show up.  Then when you need to make a change, you just need to update the one spot.


Thanks guys. :)
I understand the concept however I just wanted to know what may be superfluous and what I may need to shave off ( some where used to circumvent some issues ) if needed.

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