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2003 SBS server.  60 CALs, maximum of 56 users.  Still get the license warning for "nearing maximum users for license in per server mode."

I found this thread stating to "not worry":

But I want the warning to stop annoying me.  We are in a very similar situation where we have 60 CALs and a peak of 56 users.  During the day if I'm logged in I have to move the warning out of the way or it will continually pop up.  Is there a way to change the warning trigger (like when we hit 59 users)?

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I thought if you did that on a SBS 2003 it would begin to reboot every 60 minutes?
I would not expect this procedure to make the server restart. To be sure, I would not make this change until after business hours or on a weekend when you are there just to minimize any user impact.
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My client is hosting data for a program they produce 24/7.  And if this server goes down it is a small-scale catastrophe.  We'll probably just wind up buying more licenses.  That way they'll be covered if they decide to expand.  But it's annoying to be warned about it every several seconds when the company probably wont need the new licenses for at least 6-12 months (and by then I doubt they'll be using SBS2003).
I understand the 24x7 need. It sounds like they need to upgrade anyway to 2008 or 2011. This is one more reason to do so.
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Do not turn off the license logging service -- plus that is only for Exchange and has nothing at all to do with SBS CALs.

Secondly, SBS CALs are sticky, they are not based on concurrent logins.  What this means is that a CAL gets assigned to a specific user (if you have USER CALs) or a specific device (if you have DEVICE CALs).  Most people have USER CALs which means that if a user access the network from multiple devices (PC, laptop, mobile) it will only take up one CAL.

Your best course of action at this point is to reset the licensing counter to make sure that there aren't any CALs which are stuck to users you no longer have.  First, make sure that any user that you don't want a CAL assigned to is disabled or deleted in Active Directory.  Then follow the steps I list in http:Q_23512443.html


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