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Configuring HP D2D backup appliance with Backup Exec 2010

Hello experts

I am overhauling our backup at the main location and need your help.

We have a HP D2D2504i appliance and Backup Exec 2010 connected via iSCSI.

The full backup(NON-deduplicated) is around 1.5 TB.

I would like to make a full system backup on Sunday and incremental backups Monday-Saturday.

Here is what I have done so far:

1) Created  one 1x8 G2 Autoloader LTO4 device with 8 cartridges.
2) Backup Exec sees it as a single device HP3

We will be running one job at a time. One backup job a day.

Am I better off by creating two separate VTLs in D2D2504 and backing up incrementals to one device and weekly jobs to the other?

I don't see tapes for the new d@d device in Backup Exec. Am I supposed to run some wizard to get them into the system?

I would appreciate any advice on how to efficiently use this HP D2D2504 device with Backup Exec.
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D2D configuration
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I have 7 virtually tapes created in the loader. I have adjusted their size for one full and 6 incremental/differential backups.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your suggestions.

Until last month, we were backing up the entire storage to the physical 1/8 G2 autoloader LTO4. It took about 9 hours to complete the job. We could not fit the backup on a single tape anymore. I decided to try this D2D appliance and offload weekly backups to a single lto5 tape.

At this point, I would like to see how long it takes to backup up the entire system over the network to determine whether to make full backups every day or not.

I have created Backup Exec media sets Daily, Weekly, and Quarterly with proper overwrite and append periods.  As you can see from the screenshot, I have stayed with one tape drive and I can expand to 24 slots within the same device( I expanded to 10).

My challenge now is inability to see tapes from Backup Exec. If I press MOVE in D2D Web Interface, I can move that tape either to Tape Drive or to the Mail Slot(whatever it is)
NO Matter which tape I move to the drive, inventory in backup exec shows the same single cartridge in online media.
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Inventory of the slots with BE shows no cartridges?
I have attached a few more screenshots.
Inventory shows nothing inside the drive. I can go to the web interface of D2D2504 and move one cartridge at a time into the tape drive. Inventory will then pick up that tape.
Please, disregard the other HP1 and HP2 devices. They are the physical autoloader that we pulled out a few weeks ago.
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got it. I have only connected to one discovered target in iSCISI Initiator screen on the server. The second target made the library available. All slots are now visible and cartridges in them as well.
I have to leave right now. I'll get back tonight with the progress.
Backup jobs started successfully. 3.2 dedup ratio right now, 230GB out of 1.5TB.
Thanks to andyalder for valuable suggestions on how to structure backups and how to troubleshoot the device setup.
Again, the problem was with the iSCSI connector. One was connected, the other one was not. Thus, the library wasn't seen.