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I have a situation where a client has upgraded their network equipment in their building from 3Com managed switches and a 3Com 5012 router. Previously, the managed switches were used to create several VLANs to segment the office suites in the building. This configuration worked without issue.
The switch equipment was upgraded to Dell PowerConnect as follows (1) 3524-master and (2) 3548's-slaves to allow for a new PoE VoIP phone system. The router was retained to allow for internet traffic. However at this point i am not sure if the 5012 is compatible with the Dell's or there is a configuration error as the PCs on the VLAN network cannot sustain a consistent connection to the internet or in some cases not at all. Has anyone had a similar situation occur and have a suggestion. PS, I'm not a real VLAN expert...!!! Also attached is the VLAN setup on the switches.

Thanks - HBee3
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Is it possible that the 3Com environment may have been doing  something between the switches and router that you won't be able to do with the Dells.
On the router do you have all the VLANs tagged on the port that is connected to the switch?


I will check, but I believe they are tagged on the port connected to the switch. If it is a compatiblity issue between router and switches. What would be a compatible router to replace the 3COM with ???
I'll need a little more information to begin troubleshooting.

1: How are you feeding the VLAN assignments to the Dells? Via GVRP or static VLAN assignments?

2: Which ports uplink the Dells to each other and to the 3-Com?

3: You mentioned that you're using PoE. Do you have the secondary PSUs installed on the 3548s?

4: Can you provide a sanitized config file for the Dells?
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Oh, and according to their sales sheet, the 3-Com router does speak 802.1q, so they are compatible.


Thanks for youre comments, I will gather the info you have requested. With respect to question 1, the VLANs are statically assigned. I will need to find out about the other settings.


Your were correct that in theory they compatible, however they were some issues in how the protocol was handled by the 3COM

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