NFS share for ESXi 5

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Trying to create an Vmware NFS datastore from an NFS share on Server 2008.

I've read a lot of conflicting, or confusing information.  Some questions to clear this up:

1.  Does domain functional level have to be 2008 and above?
2.  Does the NFS share have to be on a domain controller?
3.  Do any roles on the domain controllers have to be installed?  Something for Unix functionality?

I have Server 2008, not R2.  Domain functional level is 2003.  Hoping to move this up soon.
Running vsphere 5 and esxi 5.  

If anybody has gotten this to work, please help me out.  Thanks!
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1) I've had it work in both 2003 and 2008 functional level. I dont think this is a requirement.
2) No it does not need to be on a domain controller
3) Please see links above. If you are going to do user role mapping, but if you are just going to use it for ESX, then you can bypass that if you want

Here's another one for you


I'm having the same problem.  I can connect the share, but if I put a file in the share on the Server side, I then can't see it in ESX.  Also I can't upload files to it from ESX.  I've set all the permissions.  Full control to Everyone, root access, anonymous access, read-write, all machines, etc.  Not sure why it's not working.  

Also, the share after a while is in italics and it says inactive.  Like it disconnected by itself.  

I've shared the folder under NFS sharing.  Do I also need to share it under regular windows sharing?
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i would like to know why you want NFS share??? for any application??
if you have any application or you want to share specific data between 2 servers you should configure NFS share on UNIX level and map network drive on your win 2008 server. (like smaba server....)

i have many solaris servers and we are sharing data with winodws 2008 serevrs without any problems. if you are inrested in smaba conecpt please tell me what OS you are using on both servers and i will send you teh steps....
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I'm wanting an NFS share to get data more easily across our LAN.  Some VM backup applications are limited in what they will backup to.  Usually just shared storage or NFS.

If there is an easier way to get this working, I would love to know!  Thanks!

Server 2008 x64
ESXi 5 with vsphere 5 and Vcenter 5
I got it working.  I enabled promiscuous mode on the vmkernal settings.  I also did this on the server with the NFS share:

Open the Local Security Policyeditor (Start>Administrative tools>Local Security Policy), expand Local Policies, and click Security Options.
Locate the Network Access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous userspolicy and make sure it is set to Enabled.

I found that on another board.  I had not read that anywhere else, which is kind of amazing.  One or both of these things I changed must have done the trick.


I was able to solve my own problem, so I included my last post as a solution.  There is good information from the other's so I included those as well.

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