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We are looking for a way to monitor the bandwidth utilization and bandwidth on Cisco devices, what we are looking for is for a way to determine where in the network (LAN) the traffic is originating from. We would like to be able to tell which host IP on our LAN is using all up our internet bandwidth :)
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Paessler Routing Traffic Grapher:

It's fairly affordable, and very effective.

cacti and weathermap -
Cacti isn't specific to a host, only to a port or interface. If you have shared ports or interfaces, then the info you'll get from Cacti will be ambiguous. Even if you know that port #22 on switch #3 plugs directly into Sarah in Accounting - that still won't get you the evidence you need. She could be uloading tons of spreadsheets onto the LOCAL file server, while Evan in Sales is downloading porn - three chairs away. In this case, the port on the router/firewall is max utilized, but Sarah looks like the bandwidth hog - but she's not.

Paessler (and other bandwidth graphers/analyzers like it) exposes exactly which hosts are connecting to exactly which hosts; and how much bandwidth those connections are using - and on what ports/protocols they're using.

This kind of analysis is like "flow analysis" - i.e. from a Netflow or Jflow etc. Some Cisco products support netflow, some don't - it depends on the model and version. You'll still neet a netflow collector to intercept the flows and do the analysis.

Products like Solarwinds Netflow Analyzer depend on your network equipment to support Netflow (or Jflow or several other typs of flows) to begin with - and they're pretty expensive. I love Netflow and what it can do - if you're able to go that route, good on ya.

But if you want a truly equipment brand-agnostic approach to collecting and analyzing network traffic and bandwidth statistics - it's hard to beat Paessler (though you can match it with other vendors). I started using Paessler a few years ago, and it's been invaluable.


what I was looking for thanks!

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