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Servers not showing up in Network Places

We recently added a third server to our network.  Originally, we had 2 Windows 2003 servers; both domain controllers, both running DNS.  We never had any problems, the servers we always available to browse to or to ping by name or IP.  After adding a new Windows 2008R2 server (which is also a Domain Controller and DNS server), we are having trouble seeing both of the old servers on the network at the same time.  You can always ping them both, and if you search for \\servername, it opens right up, but only one will show up in the Network Places at a time.  And, the one that doesn't show up cannot browse the network.

Can anyone give me some ideas why all three can't exist together?

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Hi when you setup the new 2008 SP2 Domain Controller did you set it up with a functional level of 2008 or higher?

To check please go to Active Directory Domains and Trusts
right click on the current domain and select Properties, this will show you the current Domain and Forest Functional Level
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Ok, I just checked.  Forest functional level is 2000, Domain Functional level is 2003.  Since I have 2 2003 servers and one 2008 server, what should these levels be at?
I think your function level is ok however I think DNS may be the issue. Why all the DNS servers you don't need DNS installed on each server and I don't believe it's recommended. Why not turn it off on the 2003 servers and only use it on 2008?

What do you have setup in DHCP, what scope options are set?
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Have you tried to restart the browser service? if not, could you try and see whether it's listed in network places?
I did restat the Computer Browser Service on all 3 servers.  DHCP is handled by the firewall.
DHCP needs to be handled by the 2008 server and scope options configured
We have been using the firewall for years to do DHCP and never had any problems.
that was then this is now, trust me you need to make the change
I just don't want to see you fight old misconfigured technology, or better word is "outside of Microsoft Best Practices". You will be happy after making the changes your network will run allot smoother.

Do ipconfig /all to get your ip range so we can setup the  scope on the 2011 server.

Once the scope is configured expand scope highlight scope options and enter the following
003 Router: ip address
006 DNS Servers: ip address
015 DNS Domain Name: domain.local
i agree with Works2011 you MUST use the windows 2008 server for DHCP and it will make life easier to manage.
Do you have static IP addresses configured for your servers?
Yes, all server have a static IP.  I will change the DHCP server to the 2008 Server, but will have to wait until this weekend to minimize disruption.
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