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Looking for program to scan common programs, like firefox, chrome, ie, windows etc for all user passwords. I have a user that would like to back up all passwords on their machine.

Any programs that scrub a PC for all passwords?
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Check out nirsoft's tools. The password recovery process works differently for different programs, usually is limited to only certain vulnerable versions of each program, and sometimes it is simply not possible, so there's several tools involved depending on what you want to try and recover.
I would say that the best way to go is instead of trying to hack all passwords is to just start using a password manager.  I recommend LastPass as it is cross platform and wicked cool.  As the user starts to go to sites, if they can not remember their password, then they can go through the normal password reset process.  Once they have reset the password, that will be stored in LastPass.  The next they need to get the password for the site, then the information will be readily accessible.

I have no idea what the password is to my banking and mortgage sites are.  I don't have to know and the password is secure and complex.  When I log into those sites, LastPass fills the passwords in for me and I'm good to go.  It's like the saying goes, the only secure passwords are the ones you can't remember.  LastPass facilitates that.

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