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I am trying to create a 4 page web form in PHP.  Is there a good place to look for information on this?

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Hi Jack_son,

I would take a look at the series of videos done on YouTube by Sebastian Sulinski on creating multiple page PHP forms. It is a tutorial on how to create a 4 page form using PHP from the code to the finished product.

The link is as follows: Creating PHP forms - A video tutorial

If you can get by the accent, its a great way to learn how to set it up. Also, if bookmarked, you can refer back to it as often as you need to in order to get things working if you are having trouble. You may want to make changes to the website later on and this also gives you a way to refresh on how to do that, since you can add more pages than just 4 if later you decide you want to do that.

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I watched the Sebastian Sulinski video and did not find much about the "moving parts" of the application so I'll try to describe it to you.

Each script of the application makes a query of the data base and, if possible, the script prepopulates the form input controls.  If there is nothing in the data base for the instant form, the script creates a blank input form.  If there is something in the data base for the instant form, that data is used to load the form with the current data.  Using that design, it enables the client to move back through the pages with ease, and it always has the current data in hand.  As the client makes changes to a page and submits the page, the action script (probably the same script as the one that generates the form) updates the data base.  

You can make this design even more fun with a little JavaScript that sends the updates to the server as the forms are filled in and the buttons are clicked.  But just to play nice, it's a good idea to give the client the final say with a button that says "Save my information."

HTH, ~Ray

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