anyone know a good shared hosting company for crystal reports site?

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Hi experts,

I looking for a shared hosting company to host my ASP.NET website.
My site needs crystal reports for some reports I need

I saw this  company which says they support crystal reports but I have never heard of them.

Have any of you heard of this company or know a better one that supports and crystal reports?

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Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/Architect

That site doesn't seem trustworthy to me.  There are some grammatical errors and I got an IP block from MalwareBytes.

What is it you're trying to do and why don't you already have your own website for doing it?
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You might try the Crystal Reports site

Here is some info from the FAQ page

The issue most hosting companies have is evven a minor version change like a service pack can require an updated set of runtime files.  Since there are at least 6 versions of Crystal (not counting the .Net versions) and 4-8 servce pack updates to each that is a lot of machines required to service Crystal.

Another issue is that Crystal requires a fairly expensive runtime license to run from a hosting company.  You can run your own intra-net within the confines of your office or company but as soon as reports are made available to outside customers or even employees through an outside source a runtime license is required.  It is not an inexpensive license.

The site you mention only supports CR2008 and CR2010 and their pages are quite old since the CR2010 for .Net is no longer in beta and there is a CR2011 available.


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