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I have a word doc formatted with Heading styles 1, 2, 3, 4.  I have made a hyperlink based on the heading.  It works fine.
However, when I edit the document, such that sections move around, or I insert a section such that the hyperlink location now i.e.becomes section 12.4 where it used to be 12.3 - the hyperlink no longer works.  It goes to the "old location" .. in this case 12.3 - which is now a totally different section.
Is there any way to keep the hyperlinks working when the document is edited after inserting the hyperlinks?  It seems like this shoul just work!
BTW - I've tried saving and re-opening the document.  I've also tried F9 to refresh.

Thanks much...Susan
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If I read this right - you are inserting hyperlinks via the headings, but on moving them they still go to the same place.
The reason for this is that the hyperlink is based on an anchor - that is what tells it where to go to.  The anchor will still live at the previous location.  If you are trying to change hyperlinks you need to recreate them to point to the new location.


So if I have heading sections
12.1 Introduction
12.2 ID Config
12.3 Template
12.4 Processing
and I make a hyperlink to 12.3 Template.  Then I insert a new heading so it now looks like this:

12.1 Introduction
12.2 ID Config
12.3 Processing
12.4 Template
12.5 Processing

My hyperlink no longer works - where it should go to "12.4 Template" - it now goes to "12.3 Processing".
I just find it hard to believe that Word would create hyperlinks that don't work if you do any kind of editing on the document.  I know in other applications (even Excel where there are formula references) - if you insert or move things, it is smart enough to maintain the references.

Am I just asking too much?  Or am I doing this wrong?

I think it is because you are manually inserting the headings.  If you use heading styles in the document you can create a table of contents (TOC) automatically by just selecting to insert this from the Reference Ribbon.  If you do this then you can add as many new headings in your document as you like, just go to the TOC and right click to update it automatically

There are plenty of links out there on how to do this, just type the following into google

working with toc in word

here is the first returned one that looked pretty straight forward to follow

Hope this helps
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Thanks for the reply - but the issue is not the TOC.  I have a 3 heading level TOC and it works just fine.  When I modify the doc, I update the TOC - no problems.
What I want to do is somewhere in the doc, highlight a word or couple of words, and hyperlink directly to a header section in the document.  But the hyperlink "breaks" (see above) if I edit the doc after they hyperlink is created.

I hope that is more clear...thanks...Susan

Try this http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/create-a-table-of-contents-or-update-a-table-of-contents-HP010368778.aspx. update your "table of Contents" - read the article in particular, read the latest headline

i hope it will help


I just read the entire article  and I'm not sure what would be of help.  I have a TOC in my document, I update it whenever I make changes to the document - it's pretty basic functionality and it works just fine.  My TOC is always in sync with the doc, since I force it to update every time I modify the doc.

However, this does NOT fix the problem with hyperlink references in the doc.  If I have modified the structure of the document - the hyperlinks no longer work.

Here is a very short video showing the problem.  Perhaps this will make it more clear:

Still hoping that MS Word is robust enough and that I'm missing something....

Senior Applications Administrator
I think what you want to insert is a cross-reference and not a hyperlink.  If you've used Heading styles the you should be fine.  Reference Tab > cross-reference is what you want to use.  Choose Headings from the drop down on the left and what you want it to insert text, page number, etc.

If you don't like cross refs, another option would be to bookmark the text you want to link to and then base your hyperlinks off the bookmarks.

Select the text you want to link to
Insert Tab > Bookmark
Give the bookmark a name without any spaces
Click ADD
Go to where you want your hyperlink
Enter the text you want to link and select it
Select Insert > Hyperlink or hit CTRL+K
Choose Place in this document
Under Bookmarks, select your bookmark
Click OK

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