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Iphone4 Not Connecting to Exchange Server 2003

I am trying to connect some iPhones up to our old exchange server running 2003.  I am able to connect Iphone 3G with no problems.  When I try to connect iPhone4 phones they will connect but their mailboxes are empty.
Can someone point me in the right direction as to what could be wrong?
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I had many issues with exchange 2003 and IOS.  What I can tell you is upgrade to exchange 2010.  I know that might not be an option but you will have one problem after another with exchange 2003 and exchange active sync.
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Yeah I want to do that.  Can you tell me why the 3G phones will work, but the iPhone 4 wont?  Anything you can remember you did to make yours work?
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Alan Hardisty
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What do we see in IIS logs for this user ? Any Specific error code..

Also if its just iphone 4.0, please try upgradin ios to iphone 4.X and see if issue continues..

Alan's blog is very exhaustive, you should find your solution by checking the iis logs follow his blog based on error code you see...
Gentlemen, Thank you for that info, I will continue this in the morning and let you guys know. Thank you so much!
You don't need to trawl through the IIS logs - the test site linked in my article will tell you the error code (if any).
Under the mail account settings in iPhone, did you check the "Number of days" to sync settings?
by default its 3 days..
Thanks for this info, it helped me to look at our cert as I didn't think about it.  It was expired and we renewed it and we were able to connect the phones.  Weird. I didn't know that would happen.