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re: Upgrading of AIX virtual LPARS

Is it true that in order to upgrade the OS level of a virtual LPAR, you must first upgrade the OS version for the supporting blade?
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Thanks - my IVM/VIO version is 1.5.x, and my blades are JS220s.
Which is your target AIX version?
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6.1 TL6. The LPARS are presently running 5.3 TL8

If your blade firmware is not older than EA320_046 your projected combination will run without any mandatory upgrade regarding blade firmware and VIOS/IVM.

However, VIOS 1.5 is rather old (newest is I'd really suggest upgrading, but please be aware than you'll have to upgrade to 2.2.0 before you can proceed to 2.2.1.

Similarly, plan to upgrade the blade firmware to EA350_038 if you didn't do it already.

Lastly, why 6.1 TL6? TL7 SP4 is the newest available version of AIX 6.1, an there is already AIX 7.1 TL1 SP4, why not install one of these?

FLRT has detailed info about supported combinations and recommended upgrades:

Good luck!