Windows 7x64 Clients GPO on 2003 Domain

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We have recently begun deploying Windows 7 x64 PCs on our 2003 x86 domain, but due to budgeting constraints we have not been able to update the domain controllers accordingly.

My question is, can a Windows 2003 x86 domain still manage the Windows 7 x64 PCs through GPOs or does a DC need to be installed at the 2008 R2 level to administer the Windows 7 clients. Reason being, we are seeing some discrepancies between the 2003 GPOs and the Windows 7 clients.  

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No, GPO configurations for W2K3 and W2K8 are the same regarding Windows Updates. You can use a W2K3 DC to configure your WSUS policy without having to upgrade your DC to 2008.
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Thanks for the response, but my concern is with the 2003 DC applying group policies to the Windows 7 64 bit PCs (Proxy settings, etc). Not necessarily concerned with windows updates since all that is handled through Vmare Protect.
You want to download the Remote administration tools for windows 7

If you manage Group Policy from windows 7, you will get all the windows 7 GPO option that would otherwise not be available in server 2003.
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Is there any difference between the GPOs between x86 and x64 PCs.
No, GPOs apply to both architectures.
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try and stick to using Windows 7 as your GP Management console until you get 2008 servers.

 Darren Mar-Elia's  GP mailing list had a good discussion on this too

This is what Darren said on the subject ***not trying to take credit for his work this is Darren's outstanding quote"

"Best practice is that, once you introduce the up-level servers (i.e. 2K8, R2) you should manage all GP-related tasks from those up-level systems (or equivalent, like Win7). The newer platform’s GP tools are a superset of the downlevel stuff, which means that you can manage 2003 and 2008-R2 from 2008-R2, but not vice-versa."

...once you create a GPO using 2008/R2/Vista/Win7, your best bet is to stick to those versions for editing/reporting ,even if the policies are being *processed* by XP and 2003."



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