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Currently utilizing 2 domains in Exchange and need to have the ability for users to choose between and in Outlook 2010 while composing a new email. Both domains are resident in the Hub Transport. But will only auto discover the primary 'reply' domain default in EMC. Attempting to manually setup an additional exchange mailbox for a single profile results in an error stating it's a duplicate mailbox.
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One (ugly) option would be to create another mailbox and give it a primary SMTP address of  Give user full access to this mailbox and open it as an additional mailbox within user's normal Outlook profile.
When you want to send as this other address, you can use the FROM field in Outlook when composing a new message.

...and there's also a 3rd party utility, costs 200€ for up to 2 Exch servers:

Also, here is a solution for ONE exchange server:
(see 3rd post from bottom up)
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How did you originally go about adding the second Exchange Account?
Did you setup the initial one, then add the second one as an additional account?

If you did, you will likely get errors

For multiple fully functioning Exchange Accounts
Setup your 1st Exchange Account
Once setup, close outlook

Go to control Panel>Mail>Email Accounts
Here you will see your initial Exchange account

Now rather than opening this account and adding the second one as an additional account

Select NEW>Email Account>Manually Configure>Microsoft Exchange Account

Now enter the 2nd Email accounts Exchange Server Details / settings


This was an Exchange migration from SBS 2003 to Exchange 2010 standard and Server 2008 R2. All other functionality seems to be working fine. We have tried the above solution and always get to the point where the system basically says you already have the acct set up. We did just install SP2 for Exchange and will try the operation again to see if it makes any difference. This has to be a fairly common issue where an organization hosts multiple mail domains and each user has an address under each mail domain i.e. and
The documentation from MS seems to be lacking specifics on whether two accts (one for each mail domain and running from the same server) as described above can be added to Outlook 2010. The end goal here is to allow the user to send as OR to send as without having to set up a bogus POP3 acct to send as the secondary mail acct.
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Although Not Ideal
Might have to actaully setup a seperate Outlook Profile for each account.
Then set outlook to prompt for which profile to use


Yeah thanks Apache09 but not a solution the client is going to want to pursue. Frustrating because the MS doc for Outlook and Exchange 2010 both  indicate that dual Exchange accts can now reside under one just doesn't seem to actually WORK.
You need to setup multiple profiles, prompt when they open Outlook to choose ... it is not easy to manage a single profile with more than one Exchange service entry.

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