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I have a spreadsheet that has rows of different colors that are not contiguous. Is there a way to sort by color so that all the red rows appear together for example?
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Select a column that has the colors you want to sort. On the Home tab under Editing select Sort & Filter, Custom Sort. In the Sort dialog box uner Sort On, select Cell Color.

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Whether you can sort by color depends on the version of Excel. Excel 2007 and 2010 permit it. Excel 2003 and earlier do not.


Thanks for the tip. I'm not clear however on what you are suggesting.  You write:
"Select a column that has the colors you want to sort."
No column has all the same colour. As I said the colored rows at not contiguous - so there may be 3 red rows, 4 green rows, a red row, etc.

Did you mean row not column?
No, select a column. When you select Custom Sort, you get a dialog box. The first choice is column. Select one that contains all the rows with the colors. Make sure you select "Expand Selection." This will sort all the other columns (and in turn the rows) with it, and not just the one you selected. As Byundt pointed out, this can be done with Excel 2007 or 2010, but not 2003 or earlier.


Got it. Thanks.

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