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Hi Guys,

We have recently had a switch die.
The set up was 4 x Netgear FMS7328S.

They no longer produce these any more.

The replacment switch we got was a Netgear GS724TPS.

When trying to add the new switch to existing stack it just sets its self as Stack master and belongs to it own seperate stack.

When i log into the orignal stack master it still has the oth 2 FMS7328S switches in its stack and doesnt show the new GS724TPS switch.

Can any one help me out please.

I just want to add new switch to existing stack as a stack member

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No can do. The new switch cannot be in the same stack as the other units. You're in a weird spot... either replace the other switches with ones similar to your new unit, or try finding a used working FMS7328S.

Blog discussing the stack issue you're dealing with:


Hi Masnrock,

Thanks for prompt reply.
Apart from managing mulitply switches at once is there any advantage to a stack?
Sorry i'm quite new to the whole "stacking" scene.
Im basicly wondering if i can just use it without being part of the existing stack without any issues?

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Should be perfectly fine to be honest.

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