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Per the following link and post, there seems to be a problem with the Excel Viewer and Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Services.  

Did anyone resolve this issue? We're having the exact same problem on a single Terminal Server I just built. Server 2008 R2 with Word and Excel Viewers and the Compatibility pack. Excel Viewer will not work... Same error reported as at the top of this thread. Reinstalling Excel Viewer does not help. Does MS have some way to make the Excel Viewer work with the compatibility pack in a Server 2008 R2 Terminal Service environment?

We have run into the same problem. I have posted here in another post hoping that someone here had run into the same thing and resolved it. However, if it can't be resolved via the standard MS installs of the viewer and compatibility pack, can anyone suggest:

a workaround so that people will be able to open newer Excel documents fairly transparently e.g. running Excel viewer as a remote app that can access local files?

a third party program that does the same thing as the MS Viewer and Compatability packs

Again note that this is a Terminal Services environment.
Thanks in advance.
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Try PlanMaker Viewer 2010 from See if you run into the same problem as excel viewer. I know there are bunch of folks with the same problem as you are. Lets hope that this works.

Good Luck!


Thanks. I will give this a try.

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