connecting to a page running on localhost from Android phone

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I'm using Visual Studio 2010. My computer is a PC with Windows 7.

I just have a basic hello world page with some text

So when I run my ASP.NET website using Visual Studio, my web browser launches and it shows my hello world page.

The url that it shows in the browser is:


I have ATT uverse wireless internet.

I currently connect to my wireless internet with my ipad as well as my android phone and android tablet.

Is it possible to view my hello world page that is located at this address


from my android phone?

My phone is running gingerbread Android 2.3.4

If so, how?
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Localhost refers to the computer in which the request was made from.

you would have to do the following:

1) Join you phone to your wireless network
2) enter the url as follows [the ip address of you computer running vb]:51686/WebProject/HelloWorld.aspx

note the following,
This would only work while your application was in debugging mode.

The correct way would be:
Setup a windows server with IIS
Install your project on the server


how do i find out the ip address of my computer.

do I type ipconfig at the command prompt?

when I do this, there is a bunch of ip addresses

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

one says, Default Gateway
another one says IPv4 Address

is my IP address the one thats labeled IPv4 Address?
You want the one labeled IPv4. The Gateway IP is most likely your wireless routers ip.
First of all,
Install the website on your IIS.
Your current URL looks like its from Visual Studio IDE. Which won't work with connection.
New URL should be

You should connect your android tablet to your pc using datacable.
Enable setting where you can use the internet from your pc on your tablet.
Once the internet is working then you can access the site localhost on your tablet.

Other workaround is
If you have a Laptop or Mac where you are connected to internet using a cable and not wifi.
You can tether the Wifi and connect the Android mobile or tablet using the wifi.
Once connected using wifi you can access the site on the localhost.

I have done using PC, Mac and Tablet.

My Pc and Mac were in same LAN.
Hosted a site on PC and made host entries for the same on the Mac.
Enabled Wifi of Mac and enabled Proxy (trial version for Charles Proxy).
Connected the tablet to mac using wifi (need to assign proxy values).
once connected i was able to access the site on my PC.

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