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Apache Tomcat slow

Hello Experts,

I am experienced problem about apache tomcat webapp. I can open my webapp page fast but sometime it is very slow to get access to webapp page (https://example-ip:9443).
During this problem happen, I found that CPU performance, Network performance, Memory usage has no problem. This Tomcat server is running on production server. Do you know how can I check root cause of this problem. I will investigate catalina log file also, Which part of log or keyword do I need to concentrate. Thank you.
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I found some broken pipe error

=============== doGet
SEVERE: caught throwable
java.lang.RuntimeException: ClientAbortException: Broken pipe
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Have you checked the free memory?

Please paste the output of the following command.

free -m

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My server is solaris 10 sparc don't have free command. by the way i use top and i have free memory 103GB of 128GB
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Thank you.
Since you are limited to SUN JDK you will get least memory fragmentation by setting -Xms to same value as -Xmx (and rise both if you see OOM errors)
Also good for system management - you know tomcat uses 5GB and rest is for other applications.
It would be crazy to use more than half of system memory for one single server app especially when there are multiple running (like database and apache)