cannot import nk2 contacts into office 2010

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Hi, I was told to delete an outlook profile in office 2010, delete the .pst file, recreate outlook profile. Linux guy handles the mail. The emails came back. Before I deleted the profile I saved the nk2 file. I copy and pasted the nk2 into appdata/microsoft/outlook yet they are not there.

I then tried to start, run, typed in outlook.exe/importnk2 -did not work

I also ttied the microsoft fix it, which did the same thing, - did not work.

I am on trial here but if I can get help here in this month I will be a long time user.
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I hope this helps:

To import .nk2 files into Outlook 2010, follow these steps:

Make sure that the .nk2 file is in the following folder:


Note The .nk2 file must have the same name as your current Outlook 2010 profile. By default, the profile name is "Outlook." To check the profile name, follow these steps:

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click Mail.
In the Mail Setup dialog box, click Show Profiles.
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type outlook.exe /importnk2, and then click OK. This should import the .nk2 file into the Outlook 2010 profile.

Note After you import the .nk2 file, the contents of the file are merged into the existing nickname cache that is currently stored in your mailbox.

Note The .nk2 file is renamed with a .old file name extension on the first start of Outlook 2010. Therefore, if you try to re-import the .nk2 file, remove the .old file name extension.


Thank you. I did all that. No go.
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If you are having trouble importing the Old NK2 File into outlook 2010 you can use the 3rd party app below

Now outlook 2010, No longer uses NK2 Files
Its now called an Stream_Autocomplete.dat file

This product still works with 2010 and can be used to import the entries from the older NK2 File
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Thank you. Just finishing reading the 3rd party app. I will try that and let you know.
Try putting the NK2 into appdata\local\microsoft\outlook, or if when you put the vairiable in it opens that folder try puttin it in appdata\roaming\microsoft\outlook.  Also run outlook.exe /importnk2 again.


Yes, thank you. I placed the nk2 file in the roaming, where I should have placed it into local.
Drop down list in the "to" box in new mail, is restored.

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