Looking for a good antivirus I can deploy for our network

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Looking for a antivirus I can install for network wide protection. We have 2 servers and about 80 computers. Any recommendations? Please give an explanation of why you recommend what you do.

I have heard ads for barracuda -
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I've always used AVG Business Edition on my client's computers and it works very well.  Catches all kinds of viruses, malware, unwanted cookies, and it prevents users from going to websites they shouldn't.  A two-year subscription will run $4k for 80 computers.  Server subs might be a bit extra.
Hi, there are some considerations when deploying antivirus as there are two entry points as-we-say.
one would be via the internet and one would be internal (be it USB, or any LAN infections)
so to completely be covered you would actually need and Antivirus GW (that protects the internet connection point ) and a software solution that will manage your servers and desktops.

Unfortunately Barracuda do not offer dedicated Antivirus protection, the engines are present in their products though.

Now again, if you do not have anything in place, you can consider going with a UTM or a NextGen GW . if you alrady have a FW in place, then an antivirus GW is what should be considered.

so, in terms of UTM, your choice could be either Fortinet or Astaro . why ? because they are the best solution that you can get and they surely do the job.

If you want to go for a Antivirus GW appliance, then I would recommend you go for the Bluecoat ProxyAV series

now for the most interesting part, coverage of the server and desktops. Two choices can be : Sophos and Vipre from GFI

they are very good, light (will not slow down your servers and desktops) and very easy to manage and deploy. price-wise they are very affordable also.

I would not recommend Symantec because they have a huge impact on the network and desktops...
We are using Norman Endpoint Protection.

You can manage all clients from the server.

You can manage updates,repair clients, many other features from the server.

If you got any problems the support is great.

If you were thinking security, They also got a mail filter which you can get your mail filtered, So you do not get all that crap down in your system.

Personal experience.
We use Vipre Enterprise (business) and have been fairly happy with it. It's not hard to set up, the console is fairly straightforward, if you have questions setting up the product, tech support was wonderful walking me through the nuances of the product. It has a reasonable cost and finds most threats.

I have looked at other products, such as ESET and Sophos, and found that either they do a poorer job of catching things or the console is so complicated as to be unusable.

Having said all this, Vipre isn't a prefect product and occasionally something will slip by, so we always keep malwarebytes on hand as an adjunct to Vipre...would probably do that no matter what product we use.

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