Problem on the iPad background image is hidden from vie.w

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I am running a web app, and my background image does displays in the iPad, iPhone simulator.
but, on the iPad or iPhone devices it is hidden from view.

It does not appear in the forefront of the window.

Sometime portion of it flashes, on a page change.
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I have seen this sometimes using citrix and one workaround there was checking to see if the app was set for a 'seamless' mode or not.  Taking it out of seamless mode will usually fix this.


I am not running  in seamless mode. this is an iPhone iPad web app.
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Strange! How big is that image? Since you are claiming that it is showing when the page transition occurs, then it's loading the image - no path issues!

Try clearing the cache in Apple iPhone/iPad and try again!

One more thing, if the image is big then reduce the size of the image and try again!

It's working in Simulator's because it's in local!

Hope it helps u...

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