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Configuring Diffserv on ASA 5505

One of my new customers has recently installed new phone systems at their main office and all of the remote offices.  These systems are able to forward calls and intercom between all of the locations using our L2L vpn that I have set up.

Call quality is an issue during the busy times of the day.  While users are transferring files and sending email the quality if the calls over the vpns is not acceptable.  When no one is at the offices or using the vpn very much the quality is great.

I need to give priority using diffserv to the voice traffic that is traveling over the vpns.  The phone systems use two methods for conducting communications.  The actual voice traffic has been assigned diffserv value 48 and the timing and signalling traffic has been assigned a value of 24.

I have looked all through the Cisco examples and they really don't make sense to me.  I just need these two diffserv values to be given priority over all other traffic on the vpns.

Can anyone give me a quick talk through on setting this up?

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Istvan Kalmar
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Here is that you need:

Don't forgat that the ISP not prioritiying the traffics!

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Figured it out on my own.