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Dear Experts,

This is so simple and yet I can not find out how to do it. I have a Date field in an order table and I would like to only select the orders from April of this year (2012). my Date field is in a timestamp format

How can I do that. All I have tried has not worked.

FROM order WHERE  Date = MONTH(04) 

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Many thanks for your help
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select Date, DetailItemID
from order
where Date >= '2012-04-01' and Date < '2012-05-01';

You can actually do a "where year(Date)=2012 and month(Date)=4" but this method will not make use of any index on the Date column, which is critical when your data is of considerable size.  

I also did not use "where Date between '2012-04-01' and '2012-04-30' because this will not catch those that happened after '2012-04-30 00:00:00' or practically the whole April 30.  Maybe "where Date between '2012-04-01' and '2012-05-01'" can work for you if you are not worried about records that will happen at exactly midnight the start of the month (because '2012-05-01 00:00:00' will be counted on both "Date between '2012-04-01' and '2012-05-01'" and "Date between '2012-05-01' and '2012-06-01'"


Your a star, so simple, thank you

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