make word template with different paper size for second paper, and have only a footer (bookmark) on the last page.

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i need to create some forms, with different following paper sizes in a word template.
the first page must be printed from one drawer the rest from an other.

And i would like to have a bookmark (filled from msaccess) only on the first and last page

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Different page layouts need to be in different Sections, so insert a Next Page Section Break where you need the first page to end and then set up the paper size for each of the two sections.

If you make sure that the footers for the two sections are not linked, you can place a bookmark in the footer for the first section, so that its contents will only appear on the first and only page for that section.

The last page will be a bit trickier. You would have to use fields to test the page number.

It would look like this:Image of fields


tried it but then i only get text if if "show" the field.
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I don't understand that. Perhaps you could post your document so that we can see it.

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