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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you guys could answer me a question. I have a HDMI port spare on my PC and I want to get a cable running from it into a VGA port on a monitor.

I have been thinking and I'm sure I've got a solution. I'm just going to explain it and hope you understand :)

VGA Monitor + HDMI port on the PC. DVI to VGA cable (VGA goes into the monitor). DVI female to HDMI male adapter (HDMI goes into the computer).

I'm thinking this should work without the need for a convertor? Do I need a specific spec of DVI?

I am able to research this but I figured that since we pay for the EE server, I'd use it :)

Thanks guys.

Ben x
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HDMI is digital only and it does not have backward compatibility with analog devices as a DVI connection. You will have to use a convertor to make the signal capable for your old VGA monitor.
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This is not going to work - there are DVI to VGA adaptors which work, but only because the port is DVI-I, which includes digital and analog signals and only requires connecting the right pins.  HDMI has no analog pinouts at all, which means you will need a converter.  Now if you had a monitor with a DVI port, you could use that HDMI port with a simple HDMI-to-DVI adaptor.

are you sure the monitor is only vga it must be quite old I have not seen a only vga monitor since 2006 roughly as it cost maybe $1-$3 to add say dvi-d port

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