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Batch compressing Word, Pdf & Jpeg files

I am trying to spring clean a users data.
they have massive word, pdf & jpg files especially.
Approx 100gb data. I would love to compress it down to say 20 GB. Is there an easy way to do this?
Ideally I'd like to do it from a Windows 2003 SBS server.
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Did you tryed zipping it?
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You can use the COMPACT command

You are not going to see much (if any) change in the size of JP(E)Gs as they are already compressed.
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zipping wont work as the users need to be able to see the original files.
the compact command looks a bit complicated!
can anyone recommend software which can compress these types of files.
I dont mind paying if they work well!
If you don't want to use the compact command, then just select the files and then right click, select Properties->Advanced->Compress files to save disk space.
You can use a 3rd party utility to batch compress photos.  I personally use and like FastStone's products.  

Try it for free from and then you need to contact them to see what the commercial license costs (I doubt it's very much)\

Also, as far as Word docs, they are probably large if there are images that were copied and pasted --- those images would need to be individually compressed which may be a very time-consuming venture.  You could move the Word docs to SharePoint which will store them much more efficiently in SQL.

Many thanks for all the replies
KCTS - i tried that with a few test files & folders but it just didnt work?
Jeff - thanks for that link - tested & seems like a good program
sharepoint seems a bit complicated! we want to keep it as simple as possible.
Compressing existing word, pdf, powerpoint files is going to be trickier than i thought!
any other programs you recommend before i close this off?
There is a program called FILEminimizer which supposedly will reduce MS Office and PDF file size, but I've never used it.  They probably have a trial version though, so you may want to give that a try.

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