Toshiba l755 laptop restarts instead of shutting down

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On a client's Toshiba l755-s5245 laptop when you click on the shotdown bottun the computer will start shutting down but then will immmidiately restart.

The same would occur if you press the on-off switch.

* Bios has been updated.
* Wake up on lan is disabled.
* Windows is 100% up-to-date.
* Automatic restart in Power Options is turned off.
* Same in Safe Mode
* Same with hibernation
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What Windows are you using?

In Windows 7 if you go to Control Panel -> Power Options there is a link on the left saying "Choose what the power buttons do".

For the shutdown button, there is also a configuration what it should do. You can find how to configure it here:
As a first step set the bios to defaults and see if that fixes it. If not, update bios to the latest version if you are experienced with this process. If you are not confident with a bios update, please seek professional help as it is possible to render the machine unusable if an error occurs.

Chris B
@burrcm: The asker already wrote that BIOS is up-to-date (see original question). Also this behavior is controlled by the OS, not by the BIOS (or at least overridden).
Chris BRetired

To TheAvenger. I did in fact note that the bios was updated after I posted. If you cannot add anything constructive to the discussion, I suggest you find some other way to waste your time. And no, if a PC has this issue, any alteration to the power options will not sort it. There is no power option to automatically restart after shutdown in any micsosoft OS. More likely the apm settings in bios, which we might have got to sooner without your irrelevant comment.

Chris B


Thank you all.

I've reset the bios to it's defaults and chose another power plan and solved the problem.

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