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create an .msi file that uninstalls somethng

I am trying to uninstall several programs aon a larger network.
To do so, I want to deploy an .msi by software distribution that upon installing removes the other program(s).
I am playing with AdvancedInstaller and InstEd and LocalUpdatePublisher.

My idea was (using InstEd ona "dummy" msi) to

1) add the programs to remove in the MSI "Updrade" table where
UpgradeCode = the GUID from registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Uninstall\{GUID}
VersionMin = 0.0.1 just to have an entry there
VersionMax = <null>
Language = <null>
Attributes = 0x00000100 (= VersionMinInclusive)
Remove = <null>
ActionProperty = a different var name per program to uninstall, e.g. MYPROP1, MYPROP2, ...

2) In "Property", add MYPROP1;MYPROP"; ... to SecureCustomProperties

3) In "InstalLExecuteSequence" make the action RemoveExistingProducts unconditional (i.e. set Condition to <null>) just to be sure.

However, what happens is that my MSI gets installed successfully without removing any of the programs targeted for removal. I had at least expected the installation to fail if one of the uninstalls was tried and failed so I guess that the uninstalls are not even attempted.
There's probably just something trivial missing, can anybody help?
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