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Can I ask some basics on thin client terminals (wyse terminals) and logging into a domain via such devices. Where and how is it configured so that when the user powers up their terminal it logs them into the domain, and where exactly are the logging onto? For example on my desktop PC when I login to the domain all my desktop and software is on the local drive, but for thin client users where exactly are their software apps and desktop? And is there anyway to see in the users properties in ADUC exactly where they are logging into via the WYSE terminal? Thanks
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Wyse terminals have preinstalled OS that include RDP & Citrix conenctors

You can configure the Thin Client with as little or as much security as you require and configure specific sessions that the end user cant change.  The sessions can be configured to connect to a specific Terminal Server/Cluster, Citrix Server/Farm

Hope this helps


Whats the name of the OS? Thanks
Model dependant!  They have used WinCE, Linux and new ones use Wyse ThinOS
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>>The sessions can be configured to connect to a specific Terminal Server/Cluster, Citrix Server/Farm

Where can you see what has been configured per user, and where exactly is it configured? I assume its not on the OS itself as they could be used by anyone at any time.
From memory, there is a connection manager on the Client - this allows you to configure sessions of various types

What model(s) of Client do you have?
As others have already mentioned, there are a variety of options. For example, one device type might have an embedded version of Windows. In that case, it can function a lot like any standard Windows PC that you have on your network. You should be able to add it to the domain just like any other PC.
Some of them may have embedded Linux and would function much like any Linux PC.

Others will be really made as a front end for a VDI (virtual desktop) solution. In these cases the whole device merely functions as a front end for the VDI connection broker server which then attaches the device to a virtual desktop and the desktop could be joined to AD just like any other desktop.


Thanks all

So do the WYSE terminals have an internal drive/storage, or where is the OS actually installed on?
Flash ROM

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