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VBA User Definded Types


I'm little confused as to why the function below does not work. The error message is, Compile Error: User-defined type is not defined. What's strange is if a turn the function into a sub instead and take out the last line, BenchmarkDates = BMDates
the code works and recognises the user defined type.

Use user defined types a lot in the same module and have no issues?

Thanks for any help,

Private Type TypeBMDates
    YTD As Date
    MTD As Date
    TMinus5 As Date
    TMinus1 As Date
End Type

Function BenchmarkDates() As TypeBMDates

Dim BMDates As TypeBMDates

    BMDates.YTD = DateSerial(Year(Now), 1, 0)
    BMDates.YTD = Last_Working_Day(BMDates.YTD)
    BMDates.MTD = DateSerial(Year(Now), Month(Now), 0)
    BMDates.MTD = Last_Working_Day(BMDates.MTD)
    BMDates.TMinus5 = Last_Working_Day(DateAdd("d", -7, Date))
    BMDates.TMinus1 = Last_Working_Day(DateAdd("d", -1, Date))

    BenchmarkDates = BMDates
    End Function

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The Type should be declared as Public
I think that there might be a bug (or at least a difference between the documentation and what actually happens)
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What is Last_Working_Day()?