Dell Poweredge 2800 storage increase

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I asked a question a few months back ( which queried how to increase my storage which was answered.

However, I have one other query. The system is set to RAID 5, currently this is the storage:

C: - Total Size - 11.9Gb  Free Space - 27.9MB
E: - Total Size - 124Gb  Free Space - 18.4MB

Will the added disk space be shared across the two virtual drives?
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depending the level of work you expect to do. my understanding is you can easily expand a logical drive, which is most likely your E: drive. However to expand the C: which is your primary partition you would have to backup E: first, delete it, expand C: then allocate space out to E: again. Depending on what you have on E: makes all the difference in my opinion, like exchange etc.

if you're looking to expand E: you can do this with the server (if it's 2008 or higher) or third party tool.

there are some third party tools that will expand C: without doing what I mentioned above but I highly recommend you have a good backup when using them.
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If you add a drive to your existing RAID 5, then yes, it will be on the same "disk" as your existing storage.  You can only expand a partition into Unpartitioned Space adjacent to that partition.  To extend E:, you can simply right-click that partition (after reconfiguring your RAID 5 to add the disk) and Extend in Disk Management.  To extend C:, you would need to first backup and delete E:, Extend C: using a partitioning tool (Disk Management cannot do this with C:, but you can use a Windows Vista/7/2008 DVD or any number of partitioning utilities to extend it), then recreate and restore data to E:.

If you add the disks and create a new RAID array with them (RAID 0 or 1), then it will be seen by Windows as a new/separate "disk" and that space can NOT be used with the other partitions.  You could, however, move E: to the new RAID 1, then extend C: on the other Windows "disk".
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When you add more drives you will get the spare space in Windows Disk Management but it will not be automatically assigned to existing partitions.
Thus you need third party partitioning tools such as Paragon Partition Manager 11 Server Edition (has backup, resize and copy features) or free opensource one Parted Magic to allocate the space to partitions proportionally.
Also, you will need to do this reallocation while booting the server from Boot CD of partitioning tool as you do not have place on C:
PM11SE comes with WinPE CD which is very easy to run plus you have there an option to load a driver in case the controller is not detected by default package of WinPE.
With Parted Magic you cannot load driver.

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