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Batch file - Window 7 Help

I have users now with Windows XP and Window 7.  Need help to write this batch program for users to copy file in "Program Files or Program Files(86).  

Below is my current batch file.


rem '
copy "\\\agc-crp\crpglobal\everyone\NewFrontEnd\ConstructionDatabase.mde" "c:\Program Files\AGOC\ConstructionDatabase\"
@ echo off
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I have another suggestion.

Use robocopy instead. It's faster and detects file level changes at a directory level.

I would map your drive letter first:

net use Z: \\\agc-crp\crpglobal\everyone\NewFrontEnd

robocopy "Z:\\agc-crp\crpglobal\everyone\NewFrontEnd" c:\Program Files\AGOC\ConstructionDatabase" /MIR /R:0

Make sure you test the destination path with something like this before you implement as a production script:

robocopy "Z:\\agc-crp\crpglobal\everyone\NewFrontEnd" c:\test" /MIR /R:0
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Will this place the files in either the Program Files or Program Files(86) depending on the  user?
It only looks for the source and destination. If you prefer to create a folder within one of the Program Files directory as a destination that is fine.
Windows 7 protects the Program Folders and a copy into these folders will usually result in a UAC permission prompt. That may prevent your batch file from working without intervention.

Can you put your database somewhere else beside Program Folders?

.... Thinkpads_User
Not easily to change location.  I have ~ 80 users in our company setup.  Only a few have been updated to Windows 7.
Does each user require a unique copy of the database for their own profile?
Windows 7 is totally different from XP with respect to Program Folders. Going forward, you will need to deal with this.

In the meantime, Task Scheduler can provide elevated permissions to run programs, so you should look at Task Scheduler.

.... Thinkpads_User
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I made a couple of changes and this seems to work fine. I will award points after I see if there are any additional comments.

@Echo OFF
Echo Testing...

If exist "c:\Program Files (x86)\*.*" GOTO X86
Echo Found Program Files
REM Files should go in %Program Files% (i.e. 32-bit PC)
copy "\\\agc-crp\crpglobal\everyone\NewFrontEnd\ConstructionDatabase.mde" "c:\Program Files\AGOC\ConstructionDatabase\"


REM Files should go in %Program Files (x86)% (i.e. 64-bit PC)
Echo Found Program Files (x86)
copy "\\\agc-crp\crpglobal\everyone\NewFrontEnd\ConstructionDatabase.mde" "c:\Program Files (x86)\AGOC\ConstructionDatabase\"

Echo End of Batch File
No more comments, are we to assume it's working?
Solution put me on right path.  I posted my final version specific to my needs.