Script for getting the Downtime report of all databases in the server.

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We are calculating SLA based on the downtime of each storage group.

For example:

OUr server has 50 SG groups. If we are dismounting the DB for some maintainance or troubleshooting & mount it. The time will be considered as downtime.

I have a shell command which gives me the date & time of all the dismount and mount status of a server.

get-eventlog -LogName Application -Newest 20000 | Where-Object { $_.EventID -like "103" } | ft timewritten, eventid

get-eventlog -LogName Application -Newest 20000 | Where-Object { $_.EventID -like "102" } | ft timewritten, eventid,

event 103 lists all dismounted SG list and 102 list all mounted DB list with date & time.

My question is:

Can we consolidate all in a excel sheet and calculate the downtime by substracting the dismount time - mount time in a good format.

Plz give me ur ideas.
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Hi, I'm no powershell expert but I'd start by getting your output in .csv format so you can import easily into Excel, adding this to your get command would give you csv output:

| Export-Csv "Ouput.csv" -NoTypeInformation -Encoding ASCII -Delimiter ";"



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