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jquery xml loop though each node

i am trying to loop though all the node one at a time. How do i count how many node are in the xml file

There are 7 <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>

i need it to count then display the first one and then the next time it loads display then the next one and so on.

How do i do that ?

// insert code for loaded event here
var fromName;
var outputField = $(this.lookupSelector("xmlOutput"));
var messageString;


	type: "GET",
	url: "sampleoutput.xml",
	dataType: "xml",
	success: function(xml) {

             var name_text = $(this).find('fromname').text()
		messageString = "Hi "  +name_text + " ";


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and my xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>
  <fromname>Chris Gannon </fromname>

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Jon Norman
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$(this).find('fromname').length should give the number of elements.

$($(this).find('fromname')[2]) should be the third element (it's zero based)

you will need find someway of storing which one (index) you have displayed (maybe in a cookie) and then display the next.
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I am using a program call Adobe edge it uses jquery as it's main code. Like ac3 is to flash i am trying try to recreate my flash animation that reads a xml file and display the text.

this works

but getting it to display one line at a time then do a +1 and go to the next line and so on.
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