Unable to replay restored transaction logs to restored edb using eseutil /r for Exchange 2010

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I am testing my backup and restore process for Exchange 2010.
I have used 2 different products to backup Exchange 2010. After performing restores using both products I then tried to apply to my restored transaction logs to my restored edb using eseutil /r but it failed each time.

Information Store Server Spec is:
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1
Exchange 2010 Enterprise Edition SP2 (Version: 14.02.0247.005)

The steps I followed are listed below with results.

eseutil /mh F:\RECOVERYDB\Mailbox\M-O\M-O.edb
Resulted in confirmation that database is in a "Dirty Shutdown" state.

eseutil /ml F:\RECOVERYDB\Logs\M-O\E06
Resulted in no damaged log files

eseutil /r E06 /i /l F:\RECOVERYDB\Logs\M-O /d F:\RECOVERYDB\Mailbox\M-O\M-O.edb
Resulted in failure to run and advised to run with /a

eseutil /r E06 /i /a /s F:\RECOVERYDB\Logs\M-O /l F:\RECOVERYDB\Logs\M-O /d F:\RECOVERYDB\Mailbox\M-O\M-O.edb
Resulted in operation successful

eseutil /mh F:\RECOVERYDB\Mailbox\M-O\M-O.edb | findstr "State:"
Resulted in confirmation that database is still in a "Dirty Shutdown" state with log required unchanged

eseutil /p F:\RECOVERYDB\Mailbox\M-O\M-O.edb /t F:\EDBTemp\
Resulted in operation successful but with data loss

Why am I unable to successfully replay my restored transactions logs against my restored edb?
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Have you removed the checkpoint file? - this should make exchange look for logs to play.


I tried already removing the chk file and ran the eseutil /r and it completes successfully but I still have a "Dirty Shutdown" state for my edb.


and still requires logs files
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Created ulVersion: 0x620,17
     DB Signature: Create time:03/03/2012 15:07:48 Rand:2111575 Computer:
         cbDbPage: 32768
           dbtime: 9412830 (0x8fa0de)
            State: Dirty Shutdown
     Log Required: 54314-54333 (0xd42a-0xd43d)
    Log Committed: 0-54334 (0x0-0xd43e)
   Log Recovering: 0 (0x0)
perhaps this will help.

Are you placing the to-be-palyed transaction logs in the same DIR as the exisitng log files?
Found the solution to my problem

Run eseutil /mh to view edb information. You will need to make note of the Log Required field here.

Run eseutil /ml to check the state of the logs and sequence.

To find out which logs you need to keep for replaying you will need to refer to the Log Required field output from the eseutil /mh command.

So for example you may only require 5 log files for replaying. (29085 - 29090 (0x719a-0x719d)).

Refer to the output of the eseutil /ml command and move any log files that are listed in sequence above the 1st required log file (ie 0x719a) into a temp folder in the restored log folder. We do not need these files as they cause issues when using eseutil /r command.

So what you should have in the restored log folder is only the required log files needed for replay (0x719a-0x719d). In this example 5 log files. Any log files that are listed in sequence after the required log files can be left in the restored log folder as these are ignored by eseutil /r.

After running the eseutil /r command it should then sucessfully replay the restored log files to the restored edb file and place it into a "Clean Shutdown" state with Log Required field 0-0.


it worked!

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