How to Bind Static IP with Exchange 2010 ?

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We have installed exchange 2010 in our server. The mail flow is internally working but we want that the mail flow also work externally (through internet ) so please provide the steps how to do that.(how to do the static IP binding with exchange 2010).
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Kash2nd Line Engineer
i take it your internal IP is static which it should be. If not then firstly you need to fix it by going to control panel -> network -> lan adapter settings -> TCP/IP

once that is done, the next step would be to remove that IP off the DHCP zone. This could be done on the router / sbs depending on what is providing you with DHCP.

finally, i take it you have a domain on the internet which has a cpanel where you can login and change settings. We will come back later to this.

For you internet line coming into your office, you need to make sure you have a static IP from your ISP, if not then ask for one, you may have to pay extra for that. Once that is done and configured then you need to go to the router and setup a rule to divert email traffic to exchange from internet.

finally, log in the cpanel for your domain and configure MX records to point to your FIXED IP you have got from your ISP.

you may also want to setup A record and CNAME records for your email server.
1.Create a new A record in the external domain control panel. ( point it to the public IP address).
2. if the public IP is assgined on a firewall you need to setup NAT ( port forwarding) for port 25 (SMTP) to the private IP of the exchange server.
3. open EMC, go to orgnazation node --> transport node--> accepted domains , and make sure you have your public domain added there.

Test SMTP on
forget one step, after step one you have also to create a MX record points to the A record (


Thanks for your valuable support.


but how to create MX records ?

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