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Squid not parsing a url correctly!! never seen like this before

i am facing a wired behaviour from squid.

we are trying to connect to via Jupiter  windows secure application manager to a clients network via http.

its works fine from outside of our network , even though from network without squid proxy .. but when it try to go via squid, it does not able to resolve the address!!!

example :
after trying username and password , its goes to here

So it comes to check Certificate , then it should go to 

but internet exploer does not find this  

i think its something to do with "https%3A%2F%2Fameymdm" which squid does not know how to parse.. t here is not any deny in squid log.

Can any one help me to find out what happenning ...

As i said, if i try without proxy, it works fine. but with proxy it does not ..

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Can you try using the real characters instead of the encoded ones?

I seem to vaguely remember some proxy server I used once had issues with encoded characters.  It wanted to encode the %.  I'm not sure if it was Squid or not.
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i cant becuase that applition is our clients
We are trying to connect to their website via those link
You should be able to put what I have directly into your browser.  In fact you should be able to just click on it.

Now, I am also not sure if Squid is really coming into play here.  The reason is it looks like you are connecting to a HTTPS based VPN server ( then telling that server you really want to go to

Since you are going over a encrypted http session, " " part will be encrypted.  Which means Squid should see it.  Typically Squid does not get involved in HTTPS sessions because it would require Squid acting as a man in the middle and decrypting and re-encrypting all traffic.  Which is a LOT of overhead and can cause serious performance problems.
can you please have a look into this one

i created this for the same problem..


Internet explorer is using a tunnel to reach that domain
and this tunnel is  creating between the pc and the client's network by by Jupiter network application manager

I used to use blox ( a thirdparty provider's proxy server) its also on squid .
it used to work on that product ..
so i know the squid can do that.. but dont know which option or how ..
I'll take a look at the other link.

However, can the squid box resolve the host name

I know that this is not a public domain name, because ".int" is not a valid public TLD.

So, Squid must be configured to use an internal DNS server that can resolve the host name.
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