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Convert h:m:s to just minutes in Excel

I have a list of time values in Excel which are formatted in hours, minutes and seconds as h:m:s, e.g. 1:01:21

I need to convert them all to minutes so that I can perform a calculation on the cells using a formula in a new column.

the Convert function doesn't seem to work as this just converts (say) hours to minutes, but my cells contain hours minutes and seconds.

Is there another way of doing this??

In the attached file, column B needs converting so that I can divide cost by minutes in column C
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if your time is in a1 then you can do it with this
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Hi HaiFai, that formula doesn't work for me, I think it's to do with the formatting of the cells - see in the attached sample.
How is column B being created?  Its not is proper DATE format...
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Coumn B is derived from Column A, replacing the notation of H, M and S with colons... excel is seeing it as text I think instead of as a time field.  

the column isn't an actual time however e.g. 13:40:40 - being twenty to two in the afternoon but thirteen hours, forty minutes and forty seconds...hope that makes sense.  I'm trying to find out the cost per minute and to do that I need to convert the field to minutes - in this case it would be 820 minutes (and forty seconds)
=c2/(VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ",""),"h",":"),"m",":"),"s",""))*24*60)

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This will calculate qwhat you are looking for
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Genius - I love this forum!  Thanks ssaqibh!
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thanks also TazDevil1674 for your solution which is essentially the same as the one I just accepted before I saw your post, sorry!
Thanks...  All I did was clarify the last piece of your puzzle...
yes you need to have cell format general where this is =A1*24*60